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& PLANNER for iPhone/iPad

Lunar Planting Guide & Planner enables you to conveniently plan your gardening based on the moon phase calendar for the current or selected month. Based on the popular long-standing tradition of planting during specific phases of the lunar month, this app also allows you to quickly save notes, review instructions, and schedule reminders of when to plant.

Feature Highlights:
* Simple and easy-to-navigate User Interface
* Interactive and intuitive calendar
* View the moon phase calendar for any month
* Instantly find the best time to sow different vegetable seeds
* Create a gardening plan with notes and reminders
* Obtain specific plant suggestions based on location
* Designed for Northern and Southern hemispheres
* Quick reference guide for planting advice
* Share activities on social media
* Color coded for easy planting

Lunar Planting Guide & Planner provides users with helpful detailed information through an interactive calendar. At the top of the screen, there is a lunar image which indicates the phase of the moon based on the date. By tapping on the corresponding date or moon image, you can create notes, save instructions, and set reminders that are automatically imported to your calendar. You can also share this information to E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and iMessage.

New in version 4 - Specific Plant Suggestions
We have been gradually building a database of vegetable planting times for the main areas of the world and the new version 4.0 contains this very important and much requested upgrade. These plant databases will be continuously improved and updated with future releases.

For thousands of years, planting during the four main phases of the lunar month has been considered a popular way to produce healthier crops and maintain beautiful gardens year-round. It is based on the effect of changes in the gravitational forces between the Earth and the Moon as it orbits. It also provides a natural calendar for carrying out various gardening tasks.

Please note that the app is designed as a quick reference for home gardeners seeking advice on planting times based on the more scientific aspects of moon gardening. There is a more complicated aspect to lunar planting based on astrology which ties in with the 4 main moon phases and breaks them down further into subsections based on the signs of the zodiac and their association with the elements (earth, air, fire and water). This additional information is not included in the app.

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